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Pool / Billiard Table Buyers Guide
Our pool tables are divided into sections determined by the types of pool tables and where they may be used. We have an outdoor pool table section, as well as slate pool table, and slatron pool table sections. We also have sections for Mizerak pool tables and Murrey billiard tables. The Harvard pool table brand has been replaced by the Mizerak pool table brand. Escalade Sports owns both brands and has changed the Harvard brand to Mizerak. The Mizerak pool table brand is named after Steve Mizerak the great billiards champion.
Our Most Popular Table Styles

Frisco II 7' Pool Table
Price $475 Plus Shipping

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Reno II 7' Pool Table
Price $490 Plus Shipping

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Esquire 7' Pool Table
Price $575 Plus Shipping

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Regalia 7' Pool Table
Price $320 Plus Shipping

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Outdoor Pool Tables.
outdoor pool table, billiard tablesOur outdoor pool table section has Murrey outdoor billiard tables, The Super Table,and the Mizerak outdoor pool table. Our outdoor, weatherproof pool tables are available as slate pool tables or in the case of The Super Table, a playbed made of a super-durable waterproof building material. These outdoor pool tables provide an opportunity to enjoy billiards for those who would otherwise not have the space.

Indoor Pool Tables
indoor slate pool table, billiard tablesA slate billiard table is considered the highest quality material.

Escalade Sports over 25 years ago developed a wood based material, Slatron, as a substitute for slate which has proven to be a very reliable material over the years.

Non slate pool tables
Havard Oakwood Billiard Table,Pool TableOur slatron tables are able to be bought at a discount pool table price because the material and shipping are more economical than a slate billiard table.
Types of slate used on pool tables.
Our slate billiard tables come in either ¾ or one inch thickness. A one inch slate pool table is, because of the extra slate, more durable than a ¾ inch slate pool table

Pool Table Regulation Sizes
There is more than one regulation pool table size.
3 ½' x 7', 4' x 8' and 4 ½ x 9' with a play area twice as long as as it is wide ( plus or minus 1/8 ") from the cushion to the opposite cushion) are all regulation sizes.

9' x 4'1/2 pool tables with a play area of 50" x 100" is the recognized size for professional tournament play.

Regulation pool table height.
The table bed playing surface when measured from the bottom of the table leg is suppose to be between 29 ¼" and 31" maximum to meet th height regulation.

Pool Table Playing Bed Regulation
The recommended construction for professional tournament playing bed is a three-piece slate with a minimum thickness of 1". The slate joints are suppose to be on the same plane within .0005" after leveling and shimming.

7' foot pool tables
Billiard ,7' Pool Table, Mizerak Harvard Prestige
7' pool tables are economical and is useful in rooms that are too small for a larger billiard table.

8' pool tables
murrey 8' pool table king john8' pool tables are the most popular size for home usage. If you are looking for a table size that recreational players are most accustomed to, you may want to consider 8' pool tables.
9' pool tables
murrey pool table 9800 professionalThis is the size most recognized for use in professional billiards tournaments.
Murrey Pool Tables
murrey pool table designer 3000Murrey pool tables are made for indoor or outdoor use. Murrey has been in business since 1938 and became very well known for outdoor pool tables.
The Super Table Outdoor Pool Table
The Super Table Outdoor Pool TableThis outdoor billiard table is made by an outdoor furniture specialist and has been making its outdoor billiard table for.
Harvard Pool Tables and Mizerak Pool Tables
The Harvard pool table brand has been replaced by the Mizerak pool table brand. Escalade Sports owns both brands and has changed the Harvard brand to Mizerak.The Mizerak pool table brand is named after Steve Mizerak the great billiards champion.
Mizerak pool Tables
Escalade Sports and Steve Mizerak, the great billiards champion have combined forces to produce the reasonably priced Mizerak line of recreational billiard tables.
Regulation Pool Ball Size
A regulation pool ball size is 2 ¼" in diameter. The weight of a regulation pool ball is between 5 ½ to 6 ounces.
Billiard Cloth
Regulation billiard cloth is a fabric in whicih wool is the majority of the content. The best billiard cloth is made of worsted wool like that used in suits.
Pool table rails-
pool table drop pocketsDrop Pocket Pool Tables
A drop pocket pool table is very simple. The balls just stay in the pocket so there is no chance of a jam in a channel inside your pool table.

Pool Tables with Ball Return
pool table with ball returnThis style is convenient since you can collect the balls in one place. However, billiard tables with ball return can jam without your being able to see exactly where the jam has occurred.

Recommended Room Size for Pool Tables.
The recommend room size varies depending on the size of the table and your cues.
Refer to our chart below to find the recommended size room for the different sized pool tables.

Room Size Chart for Pool/Billiards

The chart below displays the minimum room size required for the combination of any pool table size and cue length.
Table Size 42" Cue 48" Cue 52" Cue 57" Cue
7' (39" x 78")
10' 9" x 14' 11' 6" x 14'9" 12' 2" x 15'5" 13' x 16' 3"
8' (44" x 88")
11' x 14' 7" 12' x 15' 7" 12' 7" x 16' 3" 13' 5" x 17' 1"
8 1/2' (46" x 92")
11' 1" x 14' 11" 12' 1" x 15' 11" 12' 3 x 16' 7" 13' 7" x 17' 5"
9' (50" x 100")
11' 5" x 15' 7" 12' 5" x 16' 7" 13' 14" x 17' 3" 13' 11" x 18' 1"

Regulation Pool Cues
The minimum width allowed for the tip is 9mm with a maximum of 14mm.There is no minimum weight.The maximum allowed weight is 25 ounces for a regulation pool cue. The minimum length is 40 inches with no maximum under the regulations.


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