Here we grow again! In Albany NY! First things first, new roof repair!

Hey all, we first want to thank all of our loyal customers from the bottom of our families hearts for the continued support. Our company has sold more recreational pool tables and basketball hoops in the past couple months than we have in any previous year in the same months. As any company that stocks up on larger items we had to start searching for a new warehouse to store what we had coming in! To help service all of our larger clients out on the East coast we have chosen Albany NY as our next large warehouse!

We recently purchased the warehouse located in downtown Albany and now we start the renovations. As our architect starts to plan we have started the process of bidding out the work! Our current facilities can accommodate up to 10,000 sqft where as our new warehouse can accommodate closer to 45,000! We will continue demolition until permits are ready and we will start on the trickiest part of the building, the roof.

We spoke with our friends as Albany Roofing and they let us know the large commercial roof is actually usage in some sections and needs some roof repairs in the other spots. Roofing contractors near me always make sure that we have the best service and we have found to always save more money using a professional roofing contractor, rather than a small contractor. The professionalism when it comes to roofing repairs and when you’re dealing with a large commercial roof has been phenomenal. I can’t recommend them enough! We may even use them for a few investor properties we have, they perform residential roofs in Albany NY as well!



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