So you bought a pool table, now what?

Nothing like the day you unwrap that new pool table and start assembling it! Not many recreational table games will give you so many hours of family fun without having worry about rainy days! In fact, you’ll be ready for them. But when purchasing a new pool table you’ll need to know some of the ins and outs of ownership.

Top things to never do with your new table!

Of course we will start off with number 1, never leave food or especially drinks on top of the table! Everyone likes to throw a few back while playing a round of 9 ball, maybe you’re up a bit, really sinking every shot you line up, so excited about the game you accidentally leave your beer on the table, not only does it leave a ring on the felt but it also spills and ruins even more! Oh no, now you’re re felting your table and out another few hundred dollars to fix.

Number 2, go easy on the table. We all get a bit carried away and want to partake in some rough pool shots and slamming them in. This can be extremely harmful to the rails of the table and overall will accelerate the deterioration of your table over time.

And last but not least! Don’t sit on the edges. Your rails will begin to cave in and this will ruin the playability of the entire table. Overall this can be extremely detrimental to a long lasting good time.

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