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Winter is approaching in the great north east and our specials are starting to run hot while the temperatures cool. We wanted to talk about a recent transaction we had. Recently we had an order for a red felted slate bottom pool table, nothing more run of the mill than that! But unfortunately our client did not receive what they had ordered, but a mistake on our part they ended up with the same item but with the wood bottom (easy different to spot, our bad).

But what stuck out about this wasn’t our mistake, but what one of our employees did to fix it. This post is to shout out a star employee we have here, Ben Dover. Ben took it upon himself to drive the proper item a few states over so they had it just in time for some family fun. It’s moments like this as a business owner that you’re reminded that this isn’t just my families business, but all our employees as well! Thanks for taking the time to read this, for more about us click here! 

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Bryan Porter has been in the Recreational Games business for the past 40 years. His combined experienced and personal touch have made him somewhat of a legend in the Gaming community.
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