Foundation Repair and Retaining walls by Albany Concrete

With the roof being completed and the interior fit up underway, we noticed some glaring issues with the foundation and some exterior drainage issues as well. Our good friends at Albany roofing said we should call a local excavation and concrete contractor Albany Concrete. We spoke with Mike over at  Albany concrete about some of the issues we were facing and he was super knowledgeable and extremely courteous with us, so we asked Mike if he wanted to give us a quick guest update on some things people should be looking for while dealing with their own facilities. Here is what he had to say:

It isn’t uncommon to buy a house or to buy a building and realize hey, I need some foundation repair. Albany NY geographically is place that usually needs a retaining wall, or a good excavation contractor to make sure your site is graded and draining properly. One the of the biggest causes of foundation problems is bad site drainage, standing water and overall a poorly built basement system. Our concrete and excavation services are where we shine and can easily help remedy even the hardest site. Often times slowing the flow of water using a retaining wall or some type of check dam will really be the make or break in a foundation. Waterproofing your basement may also be a pretty good idea if these things don’t curb the issues, a good coating of tar on the exterior wall will really keep water migration to a minimum.

When you live in a north eastern city, you always have to keep the thaw freeze cycle in mind when doing anything with concrete. Make sure you use expansion joints and make sure the concrete has the proper refrains where it needs so you don’t end up with heaving. Concrete poured the right way can really last a lifetime, so do the right thing and pay for it once, not twice.


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